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Global Mining Suppliers (GMS) is a non-profit supplier platform to help build buyer/seller corporate value towards a Sustainable Social License to Operate

We bring together operators, supply chain and GenZ students on three integrated non profit platforms to drive collaboration and innovation in the world’s first global sector pursuit to change the culture of an industry.

Many surveys indicate that mining companies are looking for local suppliers at new global properties to improve performance and compliance to sustainability standards. Local suppliers in many cases are not qualified to provide the products or level of service. Mining Companies are looking for alliances with suppliers to many global locations.  This is an opportunity for Suppliers to work with mining companies to expand and transfer their value to meet the expectations of mining operations.

There are a growing number of suppliers that are working together with other suppliers to meet the needs of their customers in more creative ways. For example, a manufacturing or supply chain consortium may form out of a business need that cannot be met by an existing sole source supplier. There is an opportunity to work with major suppliers and mining companies looking for novel collaborations towards sustainable supply chain solutions.

Many partnerships already exist between mining companies and goods or service providers. Mining Companies are looking for ways to eliminate a variety of risks, and maximize reliability of equipment and services. Here are a few examples of how they are looking to address these areas:

  • Standardization of parts across all of their operations – reduce inventory
  • VMI (vendor managed inventory) – reduce stocking time
  • Kitted assemblies from suppliers – reduce set-up time
  • Increased reliability programs for their existing assets
  • Training on preventive maintenance
  • Training on predicting failure

There is an opportunity to collaboration with other suppliers and mining companies towards novel sustainable supply chain solutions to create increased efficiencies and life cycle performance.

Global Mining Suppliers is working with Global Mining Sustainability (GMSu), to create technology solutions towards process performance efficiencies and life cycle sustainable supply chains. There is an opportunity to create transparent and trust in mining process through blockchain, IoT and AI networks from exploration through construction, operations and closure. GMSu and Global Mining Suppliers has created blockchain programs through the life cycle of mining process to build sustainable practice and improved efficiencies.

Mining companies are developing new standards of performance in Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) standards to meet new standards as dictated by MAC’s Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM), and the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principals. Mining companies will b required to be measured and conform to these evolving new standards to be considered on bidders list.

There is an opportunity to measure your performance and understand the requirements of compliance to several improving performance standards.

I'm a Supplier

  • Building your technology and services value through comprehensive marketing messaging and programs
  • Training, auditing and consulting services to meet corporate buyer expectations of performance
  • Global marketing intelligence to help you find buyers and business partners

I'm a Buyer

  • We find your supply and service partners to meet your supply chain needs
  • We audit your supply chain to meet your expectations towards sustainable social licence to operate
  • We help facilitate the evolution of your supply chain with transparency, traceability and artificial intelligence to improve performance and mitigate operational risk

I need Digital Marketing

  • We create a clean, professional, and easy to navigate website at a refreshing price using the best practices in web design and usability.
  • Website care plans for suppliers with eCommerce, multilingual, or advanced websites.
  • Sell more by sending high quality newsletters and messages to your contacts that feel personal and enable them to act.

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