Global Mining Sustainability

The Global Mining Team

Global Mining Suppliers (GMS) is a non-profit supplier platform to help build buyer/seller corporate value towards a Sustainable Social Licence to Operate

We bring together operators, supply chain and GenZ students on three integrated non profit platforms to drive collaboration and innovation in the world’s first global sector pursuit to change the culture of an industry.

I'm a Supplier

  • Building your technology and services value through comprehensive marketing messaging and programs
  • Training, auditing and consulting services to meet corporate buyer expectations of performance
  • Global marketing intelligence to help you find buyers and business partners

I'm a Buyer

  • We find your supply and service partners to meet your supply chain needs
  • We audit your supply chain to meet your expectations towards sustainable social licence to operate
  • We help facilitate the evolution of your supply chain with transparency, traceability and artificial intelligence to improve performance and mitigate operational risk

I need Digital Marketing

  • We create a clean, professional, and easy to navigate website at a refreshing price using the best practices in web design and usability.
  • Website care plans for suppliers with eCommerce, multilingual, or advanced websites.
  • Sell more by sending high quality newsletters and messages to your contacts that feel personal and enable them to act.

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Consider offering a paper in the technical session, that’s where the buyer is prowling, looking for the next good idea.


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