Review the noticeable swing to new themes focused on digitization, sustainability and social responsibility. We have a series of global financial/technology events put on by Spire-Events including:

  • Toronto’s Mining Investment in North America (June 14/15), where mining company senior executives, the supply industry and governments will meet and discuss the rapidly changing disruptive edge of the industry.
  • In Vancouver also in June, the inaugural Resources for Future Generations kicks off with 1,400 papers submitted for inclusion offering 3,000 expected participants a full program on better integrating mining with society and the planet.
  • We are also in the final stages of formalizing a major mission in October called Cleantech Mining Asia 2018 that will offer participating companies major access to showcase emerging solutions to an eager industry looking for real change.

The industry is experiencing a noticeable shift in themes with both Canada and Australia leading novel topics and changing venue formats from traditional trade show venues.

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