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Janice Leuschen . . . finding the right words.

I work with mining supply companies to create effective marketing copy or marketing content that speaks to their target market, engages prospects and builds relationships.

Great copywriting tells prospects how your product or service will solve their problem in language they understand.

Good marketing copy starts a conversation.

But too much marketing copy I see is filled with industry jargon and cliches. This copy doesn’t engage the reader, because, quite honestly, it doesn’t mean anything to them.

Websites that tell the reader how great the company is and how great their product is, doesn’t engage the reader either.

All they want is a solution to their problem. Now.

If you want copywriting that engages your target market and builds a relationship, let’s talk.

“Janice is well versed in the principles of writing strategic copy that gets results. I highly recommend her work.” — Steve Slaunwhite, award-winning copywriter and author, The Everything Guide to Writing Copy

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Safety Step Canada

Safety Step Canada provides anti slip solutions in the mining, oil & Gas as well as the Aviation, and Government sectors, virtually any where there is a slip and fall or slippery when wet concern…we have an answer, through our various products and expertise of knowledge.

– Our Mission –

To make as many safe places to work as we can.

At Safety Step Canada we all come to work every day because we want to help solve a very big problem – Slips and Falls. This problem, which has always been around, had no clear solutions until recently. With the invention of better, more affordable anti-slip products, the solution is now within everyone’s reach.



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Ashron Freight Services Inc

Ashron Freight Services Inc. is a full service international freight forwarding company based in Chateauguay, Quebec.

Our head office is conveniently located just outside of Montreal, one of North America’s busiest sea ports and the first point of entry for many air and sea shipments to the continent.

Our recently opened Toronto branch office is in the heart of Canada’s busiest trade market and perfectly situated to service the import and export needs of the whole of Ontario.

Together, our experienced staff can coordinate urgent, regular and over-dimensional shipments of mining equipment to/from any corner of the globe.

We provide a complete range of ocean, air, truck, and complimentary value-added transportation services to a varied clientele in a variety of industries. Whichever kind of shipping you may require, we will find and deliver the most cost- and time-efficient solution to ensure that your needs are met.

If there is a way, we will find it!

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Air Ocean Logistics Canada Inc

Global freight forwarder – import/export services to the mining industry


Supply chain management involves pre-shipment planning from origin to destination, logistics coordinators pinpoint these in-between.


Common compliance procedures exist amongst participating trade nations, a qualified officer is able to advise trade participants.


Licensed freight forwarder, in a global network, coordinating shipments from all corridors of the globe to and from North America.

Cargo Carrier

An insured and authorized fleet of cargo carriers transport shipments, onboard and off-port to select locations across North America.

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Rekon Solutions Inc

Your one stop for drone services.

Fast, friendly, and fully functional, our professional drone services is well renowned throughout the North Okanagan area. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We always stand behind our work, with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority. Contact us to learn more about our incredible staff and how we can help you!

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Maximize production and reduce maintenance costs with continuous online equipment monitoring.

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Operating and maintaining large capital equipment constitutes a large proportion of a mine’s operational expenses. Mobile Equipment Monitor enables real-time monitoring of the operation and performance of heavy mining equipment. Users benefit from reduced maintenance costs and improved equipment reliability, effectiveness and asset life.

What is it?

Mobile Equipment Monitor is a comprehensive and scalable mining equipment monitoring system that bridges the gap between mobile equipment instrumentation and maintenance systems. It is designed to meet the requirements of small mines as well as large, multiple-site enterprises. A single performance management system, it can address all equipment monitoring requirements, including those of trucks, shovels, loaders, drag lines, graders and stationary equipment.

Mobile Equipment Monitor Saves Mine Over $200,000 With Real-Time Remote Diagnostics. Read the Case Study

A fleet monitor at a large U.S. copper mine received an engine oil filter alarm from one of their fleet of Caterpillar 240 ton haulers. He had to quickly assess the significance of the alarm and decide whether to keep the haul truck in operation.

How Does It Work?

Mobile Equipment Monitor enables remote access to equipment operating data over the mine’s wireless network. It provides visibility and analysis of equipment performance through:

  • standard or user-defined dashboards
  • real-time graphic displays
  • user-defined key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • OEM-defined alarm and events
  • user-defined alarms and events
  • development of predictive models for early identification of developing faults.

It can also integrate with other onboard systems such as tire monitoring, fuel and lube systems and merge real-time operating data with maintenance management, dispatch, financial and other systems to provide the most complete view of overall equipment effectiveness.

What Problems Does it Solve?

Mobile Equipment Monitor enables users to monitor and manage all field equipment regardless of vendor or location. The equipment performance management system helps reduce unnecessary equipment downtime through early detection of problems, immediately scheduling maintenance and performing related workflow tasks (such as parts inventory). Users benefit from longer equipment life and higher return on their investments.

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SOOOF believes in changing the status-quo and revolutionizing the buying process for small to medium-sized businesses across all industries starting in Mining, Oil & Gas. In additional to “Buy It Now” capabilities, SOOOF uses a crowd-sourced buying model which allow companies to anonymously collaborate buying efforts to receive volume discounts on their everyday essential products and services.

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Cambridge Pro Fab Inc.

As steel fabrication experts, CPF combines Industrial Engineering, Project Management, Document Control, and a comprehensive trial-fit process to execute large scale projects efficiently. Our teams are experienced in getting even the largest projects fabricated and delivered on time and on budget.

CPF’s expertise in premium steel fabrication service extends to beyond the natural gas, oil, and coal power industries. Feel free to contact us with other project requirements, such as: mining, aggregate and custom fabrication projects.

Cambridge Pro Fab advantages and services include:

  • Provide various levels of industrial engineering based on customer and project specific requirements.
  • Providing detailed and timely project management services ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget.
  • Comprehensive trial-fit process that identifies and eliminates potential assembly issues which results in more efficient field installations.
  • Providing quality levels which meet or exceed your specifications and expectations.
  • The ability to engage in multiple projects ranging from minimal size scopes to varying degrees of large scale projects
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skymineUAV is a specialist firm that supports the mining industry in making optimum use of drone technology. Fully independent, and with our team’s experience in mining and UAV operations, we are uniquely positioned to offer leading industry solutions.

  • Our consultant and regulatory teams assist with your business case needs. We also liaise with local aviation authorities to seek any required permits and approvals, to fly safely and legally in your site location’s airspace.
  • We provide operational and site specific SOP documents and support services as needed.
  • Tailored turnkey aircraft solutions, sourced from market leading suppliers, based off your mission requirements.
  • Software management systems include and range from collected data processing, safety management and flight management software.