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Sight Power Inc.

Spatial Data Mining

The most remarkable aspects of Sight Power data mining technology are the set of effective techniques and algorithms for spatial data effective indexing and compression, spatial object recognition and spatial scene reconstruction. The developed algorithms transform visual data into the CAD-like models (set of 3D-objects). These models allow dealing with each object as a unique geometric entity. The models can be used for example, to measure distance and angles between objects, or for the calculation of object volume.

The methods used by Sight Power for aforementioned algorithms are very versatile, but in most cases they are based on a combination of fuzzy logic and geometrical and statistical analysis.

The input information used for object recognition is most often either scanned point data (“point cloud”), or images, or a combination of both.

Mineshaft Monitoring

The mine shafts are the lifeline to underground mines, and miners depend on safe uninterrupted and efficient flow of material. The shafts and hoisting systems provide access to network of openings used to recover the underground resource, carry out vertical transportation of miners and materials required for the mining operations, and serve as an escape way in case of emergency. In addition the shafts assist in mine ventilation and supply of engineering services underground (power, compressed air, water, cooling conduit etc.).

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Promine Inc.

The most Flexible, Affordable, and Easy to Use AutoCAD Mining Software

Promine combines a highly usable AutoCAD integrated interface with powerful, industry focused modules for planning vital mining and geology planning tasks.

Promine addresses one of the most critical issues in mining and geology software: the lack of complete integration from exploration through to the production phase. Promine users are covered from exploration, resource evaluation through planning, scheduling operations, and finally mine closure which guarantees smooth transitions between phases.

Increase mine planning efficiency in:

  • Resource estimation, definition and modeling
  • Drift, ramp and raise planning and modeling
  • Drill and blast planning
  • Capture and process survey data
  • Quick, easy and intuitive section cutting
  • Create professional printing layouts rapidly
  • Highly compatible with other mining softwares
  • Layer and permission management ensuring secure and up to date drawings
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Magemi Mining Inc.

Magemi Mining Inc. is a boutique minetech company that offers mine optimization solutions, financial reporting and consulting services to customers in the mining industry. We deliver cost effective and flexible solutions by working with an established network of highly experienced partners available on demand and by utilizing a proprietary software for stockpile blending, smelter terms optimization, GHG emission management and revenue maximization.

Magemi Mine Optimizer © is a powerful tool that designs and estimates mine projects scheduling, optimizes processes, GHG emissions and revenue, and generates financial reports. It employs machine learning and predictive data analytics algorithms to optimize operations daily material handling and plant feed which results in better project financials, efficient daily production, and reduced GHG emissions.

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Berba Mining Business Inc

Berba Mining Business Inc. is a Canadian company that specializes in exporting and importing mining equipment, mining and metallurgical engineering services and minerals. Berba has over 20 years of experience doing business in the Middle East with a special focus on Iran. The founder and Managing Director of Berba, Hamid Amir Poursaeid, offices and expert team in the Middle East and has recently opened a new office in Iran.

Berba is a multi-disciplinary firm with expertise in analytical laboratory equipment, bulk handling equipment, systems and engineering services, drilling equipment and related drilling consumables, mineral processing equipment and engineering, smelting and refining equipment and services, surface mobile equipment and components, and mine ventilation equipment and components.
If you are a mining supplier of products and/or services interested in doing business in the Middle East, and now Iran, Berba is an excellent conduit to access and conduct business opportunities in the area. With its expert knowledge as well as the depth and breadth contacts of the area, your company can enter and/or grow this market using Berba as an effective outsourcing strategy while minimizing costs and resources.

Berba is constantly looking beyond customers’ and society’s expectations in order to deliver market leading services wherever they are needed. As a leader in providing specialized business solutions that improve quality, safety and productivity and reduce risk, we help customers navigate an increasingly regulated world. Our independent services add significant value to our customers’ operations and ensure business sustainability.