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Minesafe Electronics Inc

Minesafe Electronics, Inc. has been providing electronic and electro-mechanical sales and services to the Coal Mining Industry since 1975.

We provide systems, products, and services that improve safety and maximize productivity. Our commitment to our clients is to provide the best products, technology, and personal service.

Our clients are now representative of various industries: Coal mining and surface operations, tunneling contractors, factories, water treatment facilities, office buildings, municipal bus garages, EMS and first responders, police units, municipalities, and other hazardous sites.

We are all about value at Minesafe Electronics, Inc. Because our clients are so important to us, all our energy is focused on providing additional value to the client. For over 40 years, this added value has come in the form of manufactured safety equipment, state-of-the-art services, and (of course) friendly, customized service every step of the way.

Better Minesafe than Sorry