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Ultra Seat Corporation

Ultra Seat Corporation is a leading manufacturer of OEM quality heavy equipment seats. Your next alternative to OEM and after market seating.

Ultra Seat Corporation has been specializing in the development and manufacturing of innovative industrial seating for more than 20 years. We specialize in industrial / off highway / heavy equipment seating for material handling, forestry, construction, mining, 24 hour office chairs, marine, agriculture and turf.

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Canadian Wear Technologies Ltd.

Serving the mining industry since 1985, Canadian Wear Technologies are specialists in wear protection for material handling systems. Using our unique, high-end laminated white iron wear protection material called Abreco®, we can engineer and manufacture custom wear liners, parts and complete wear system solutions for your specific needs that will ensure minimum downtime and maximum profits.

Understanding the need for high end wear materials has always been our focus. Over the years and with the addition of industry professionals, Canadian Wear Technologies™ continually works to improve site specific issues related to wear.

Canadian Wear Technologies supports customers with 3 distinct offerings.

Abreco® Wear Products covers a wide variety of standard products that are conveniently inventoried for every day repairs and maintenance.

Abreco Wear System® which was developed to specifically provide a tailored solution to any wear issue using combinations of custom and standard products.

AbrecoPipe® is the world’s first and only bi-metallic pipe which can be bent to long radius elbows for extremely high wear applications.

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Goodfellow Inc

The wood specialists for the mining industry.

Goodfellow Inc. has long been the leader in the processing and distribution of a wide range of woods, including a range of shaft guides for the mining industry. Goodfellow provides custom orders prepared in its very own remanufacturing plants, assuring rapid just-in-time deliveries throughout North America. Shaft guides come in typical and custom sizes and can be constructed of materials such as Douglas fir and Karri. Goodfellow designs and fabricates custom wood tanks to hold liquids. There is nothing Goodfellow has not seen before. Contact the team today to request a mining brochure or to get answers to any questions you may have.

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DK-Lok Canada

Established in 2008 as the Canadian Exclusive Master Distributer for DK-Lok products, DK-Lok Canada has surrounded itself with over 100 years of instrumentation valve & fitting expertise to best support our commitment to the Canadian market place. DK-Lok Corporation, a world class manufacturer of DK-Lok products since 1986, proudly carries the ASME N Stamp, TUV and CRN certification’s, among many others.

Our exciting and vibrant company prides itself on long term customer relationships backed by superior service and ultra-high quality DK-Lok products and accessories, locally stocked. We have carefully selected service orientated industry experts as DKC team members to best support our Edmonton headquarters/master warehouse as well as our DK-Lok distribution network across Canada.

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Fireball Equipment

Fireball refueling equipment includes offloading delivery trucks, storage tanks, pumping and filtration packages (ISO 16/30 cleanliness), light vehicle refueling sites, and heavy equipment refueling (eleven-minute target turnaround). Lubrication equipment includes offloading, storage and handling of all oils, bulk OGL, coolant, used oil, used coolant, DEF, high-pressure grease and bulk grease. Fireball also offers storage tanks, air or hydraulically powered pumps, distribution to hose reel racks in the shop, and 75’ hose reels with fluid-specific couplers to prevent cross-contamination errors, as well as lube islands for lube top-ups at refueling sites. Systems typically include a heated building with four to six tanks, pumps, filtration, hose reels and meters. With Fireball’s fluid control systems and tank level monitors, every liter of gasoline, diesel and oil dispensed is controlled, captured and uploaded to the mine management system, and every tank level is measured to provide replenishment notices, prevent overfills and provide reconciliation.

Fireball Catalogue

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Taimi Hydraulics

Taimi Hydraulics is a Canadian manufacturer of innovative swivel products.

We developed a unique ball-less swivel technology that is Pressure Spike ProtectedTM, reliable, leak resistant and that endures heavy side load, pull force and the high pressure and flow of modern equipment. We are proud to be manufacturing the most reliable swivel products on the market.

Taimi Technology Explained

Taimi Catalog Swivels