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Promine Inc.

The most Flexible, Affordable, and Easy to Use AutoCAD Mining Software

Promine combines a highly usable AutoCAD integrated interface with powerful, industry focused modules for planning vital mining and geology planning tasks.

Promine addresses one of the most critical issues in mining and geology software: the lack of complete integration from exploration through to the production phase. Promine users are covered from exploration, resource evaluation through planning, scheduling operations, and finally mine closure which guarantees smooth transitions between phases.

Increase mine planning efficiency in:

  • Resource estimation, definition and modeling
  • Drift, ramp and raise planning and modeling
  • Drill and blast planning
  • Capture and process survey data
  • Quick, easy and intuitive section cutting
  • Create professional printing layouts rapidly
  • Highly compatible with other mining softwares
  • Layer and permission management ensuring secure and up to date drawings
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Firebrand Insulation and Coatings Ltd.

Custom-cut and fabricated foam insulation, in-house coatings. Specializing in polyurethane foam insulation, cutting Foamglas, manufacturing valve boxes and enclosures, piping system half-shells for heat retention and cryogenic lines.