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Gemini Machine Works Inc

Full service manufacturing facility encompassing four main departments: Repair work / machining services, Production machining services, certified welding repair & structural fabrication, and millwright / mechanical services.

Specializations include large equipment repair and working with OEM and end users to bring their equipment back into OEM specifications. 40 Ton crane capacity, Large OD machining capabilities (88” OD x 20’ long), world class technology encompassing 6 axis boring mill, solid works, AutoCAD and MasterCAM design / drafting technology.

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Kubes Steel Inc

With more than 40 years experience in the industry, Kubes Steel is your one stop shop for Rolling, Bending and Custom Fabrication. Our specialty is Custom Fabrication Projects that have Rolling and Bending requirements.

Kubes Steel services the mining industry.

Kubes Steel began custom fabrication for large, heavy mining projects at it’s Jones Road facility, immediately after we expanded our facility to be able to work in-house on large projects.

Fabrication of the top of a 930 ft. elevator shaft reline (92 shells x 14’ – 6’’ dia. x 10 ft. long.) Starting from the bottom the shells are more heavily constructed and as we get nearer the surface the shell thickness lessens as do the number of external stiffener rings. The average weight per shell thru the first 30 has been about 46,000 lbs. Read More.

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Cambridge Pro Fab Inc.

As steel fabrication experts, CPF combines Industrial Engineering, Project Management, Document Control, and a comprehensive trial-fit process to execute large scale projects efficiently. Our teams are experienced in getting even the largest projects fabricated and delivered on time and on budget.

CPF’s expertise in premium steel fabrication service extends to beyond the natural gas, oil, and coal power industries. Feel free to contact us with other project requirements, such as: mining, aggregate and custom fabrication projects.

Cambridge Pro Fab advantages and services include:

  • Provide various levels of industrial engineering based on customer and project specific requirements.
  • Providing detailed and timely project management services ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget.
  • Comprehensive trial-fit process that identifies and eliminates potential assembly issues which results in more efficient field installations.
  • Providing quality levels which meet or exceed your specifications and expectations.
  • The ability to engage in multiple projects ranging from minimal size scopes to varying degrees of large scale projects
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Variant Mining Technologies

Variant Mining Technologies is a joint venture between Carriere Industrial Supply Limited and Ionic Engineering Ltd.

Ionic Engineering Innovation Ionic Engineering Ltd designs, fabricates and implements automated controls systems for medium and heavy industry around the world. They specialize in automating resource refining processes and applying rugged, cutting-edge technology in heavy mining environment.

Carriere Industrial Supply Limited has over 40 years’ experience as a leading manufacturer, supplier and distributor of steel wear plate products, pump and pump part products, buckets, truck boxes, and miscellaneous steel fabrications used in the lumber, construction and mining industries.

Variant Mining Technologies draws on the experience and expertise of both parent companies to provide clients with safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions for transporting material in the ore flow process. With several design and production facilities in Sudbury, Ontario. Canada, one of the world’s leading centers of nickel production, Variant Mining Technologies can provide the products, knowledge and support to make your mining goals a reality.