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Irving Oil Ltd

Every day since 1924 we’ve been proud to deliver quality products and good energy to our customers and our communities.

Irving Oil is an international refining and marketing company with a history of long-term partnerships and relationships. Founded in 1924, Irving Oil operates Canada’s largest refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick, along with more than 900 fueling locations and a network of distribution terminals spanning Eastern Canada and New England. It also operates Ireland’s only refinery, located in the village of Whitegate.

In 2019, Irving Oil expanded its presence in Ireland by acquiring Top Oil, a leading supplier of home heating oil, petrol and diesel fuel. Irving Oil established its European operations in 2014 with an office in London, England, and tankage in Amsterdam.

Named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for three consecutive years, Irving Oil has a strong customer and community focus and is committed to future growth.

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L.B.S. Lubrication Units Inc.

We are a Canadian incorporated company, with operations based in Ottawa, in the province of Ontario. Generation 2 Filtration™ and Generation 2™ products are manufactured for the global market by L.B.S. Lubrication Units Inc. We have been in the oil bypass filtration business since 1995.

Low Pressure Oil Bypass Filtration Series Brochure

High Pressure Oil Bypass Filtration Series Brochure

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Utilizing the Ecoluber®’s unique-patented dispensing approach, ARK is able to provide a precise, reliable, and cost-effective maintenance solution.Our success is measured through the success of our clients and our purpose is to enrich businesses through our innovate and dynamic industry leading solutions. The Ecoluber helps companies find the perfect balance between higher-production and lower-environmental impact.

Dispensing “too much” or “too little” lubrication is costly on many fronts, and contributes to over 35% of machinery failures. Over-lubrication increases costs via unnecessary waste. If this is occurring day-in-day-out, it equates to thousands of dollars wasted; over a lifetime of your equipment “precisely regulated” lubrication saves you thousands of dollars in just lubrication material alone. Furthermore, choking a bearing with too much grease or saturating a chain with too much oil creates a messy environment and increases the chance of a “slip-hazard” from occurring.

With “too little” lubrication, bearings heat up, chains start to grind and stretch due to overheating – plus the machinery itself is straining to maintain its normal operating conditions. This is just the type of metal-on-metal situation that causes costly breakdowns.

Using the Ecoluber as part of a well-tailored preventative maintenance program is the solution.

Ecoluber Information Booklet

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Robco Inc.

Robco has a tradition of quality, service, and creatively engineered solutions provides the foundation of today’s successful Canadian company – A proud heritage to draw on as we take the Robco name into a second century.
Robco offers every type and size of seal, gasket, compression packing, heat resistant material, rubber product, lubricant and custom solution for your industrial, mining, refining, food grade and chemical application. Using the best materials available, we will design and manufacture to your specific requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your requests. We will be pleased to help you while expanding our global contact network and strengthening our reputation for unparalleled service.

Our product line and manufacturing capacity (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001) are in constant evolution as we incorporate the latest in material development and equipment technology.