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Gekko Systems Inc.

Step-Change Benefits. Successful Installations.

Gekko has a focus on delivering added value and high productivity to our community and clientele through being global leaders in our chosen fields of mineral processing. The Gekko team has a particular interest in developing energy efficient, capital effective flowsheets, equipment, modular plant, and service solutions for gold, coal and polymetallic applications. Satisfaction is achieved on successful completion of smart, appropriate, technology and knowledge based solutions.

Discovery and Testwork

Proving the yield of the ore deposit, through certified testwork, is essential for advancing Gekko customers toward a more lucrative and efficient mining operation. Expert flowsheet designs, based on laboratory evidence and tailored to the client’s unique situation, bring together the best of Gekko’s equipment range and specialist technical knowledge.

Design and Engineering

The Gekko Solution goes deeper than simply providing unique proprietary mining technologies. Gekko have a keen focus on delivering cutting-edge designs with energy-saving benefits. Importantly, the engineering and ‘design and construct’ phases ensure that a new or improved operation delivers optimal processing, as well as positive environmental outcomes.

Build and Installation

Gekko Systems manufacture purpose-designed equipment that can be shipped to customers, ready for installation on site. From the construction of equipment to the installation and commissioning of the final plant, Gekko follow a delivery and quality assurance schedule that guarantees a correct, successful and timely installation.

Commissioning and Support

Optimal operations and highest recoveries are achieved when customers take advantage of Gekko’s integrated support and advice services. These include on-site commissioning, technical consulting and support, tailored service and operating packages, and training.

The technical expertise, practical experience and theoretical knowledge of Gekko staff reinforce and uphold the Gekko Solution.