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Massload Technologies Inc.

Massload Technologies specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality strain gauge transducers for the truck, crane, mining, oil and gas and industrial markets.

All Massload custom designed Load Cells are designed using the latest technology in 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis, and manufactured through our specialized VCAP Quality Management System. Our advanced load cell testing facility has a capacity up to 150,000 lbs, traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) USA.

Our in-house engineering team and product specialists are available to custom design your load cell to your unique requirements. With Massload’s dedicated after-sales customer support and service team, you can be confident that your weighing system will continue to perform year after year.

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Gekko Systems Inc.

Step-Change Benefits. Successful Installations.

Gekko has a focus on delivering added value and high productivity to our community and clientele through being global leaders in our chosen fields of mineral processing. The Gekko team has a particular interest in developing energy efficient, capital effective flowsheets, equipment, modular plant, and service solutions for gold, coal and polymetallic applications. Satisfaction is achieved on successful completion of smart, appropriate, technology and knowledge based solutions.

Discovery and Testwork

Proving the yield of the ore deposit, through certified testwork, is essential for advancing Gekko customers toward a more lucrative and efficient mining operation. Expert flowsheet designs, based on laboratory evidence and tailored to the client’s unique situation, bring together the best of Gekko’s equipment range and specialist technical knowledge.

Design and Engineering

The Gekko Solution goes deeper than simply providing unique proprietary mining technologies. Gekko have a keen focus on delivering cutting-edge designs with energy-saving benefits. Importantly, the engineering and ‘design and construct’ phases ensure that a new or improved operation delivers optimal processing, as well as positive environmental outcomes.

Build and Installation

Gekko Systems manufacture purpose-designed equipment that can be shipped to customers, ready for installation on site. From the construction of equipment to the installation and commissioning of the final plant, Gekko follow a delivery and quality assurance schedule that guarantees a correct, successful and timely installation.

Commissioning and Support

Optimal operations and highest recoveries are achieved when customers take advantage of Gekko’s integrated support and advice services. These include on-site commissioning, technical consulting and support, tailored service and operating packages, and training.

The technical expertise, practical experience and theoretical knowledge of Gekko staff reinforce and uphold the Gekko Solution.

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Berba Mining Business Inc

Berba Mining Business Inc. is a Canadian company that specializes in exporting and importing mining equipment, mining and metallurgical engineering services and minerals. Berba has over 20 years of experience doing business in the Middle East with a special focus on Iran. The founder and Managing Director of Berba, Hamid Amir Poursaeid, offices and expert team in the Middle East and has recently opened a new office in Iran.

Berba is a multi-disciplinary firm with expertise in analytical laboratory equipment, bulk handling equipment, systems and engineering services, drilling equipment and related drilling consumables, mineral processing equipment and engineering, smelting and refining equipment and services, surface mobile equipment and components, and mine ventilation equipment and components.
If you are a mining supplier of products and/or services interested in doing business in the Middle East, and now Iran, Berba is an excellent conduit to access and conduct business opportunities in the area. With its expert knowledge as well as the depth and breadth contacts of the area, your company can enter and/or grow this market using Berba as an effective outsourcing strategy while minimizing costs and resources.

Berba is constantly looking beyond customers’ and society’s expectations in order to deliver market leading services wherever they are needed. As a leader in providing specialized business solutions that improve quality, safety and productivity and reduce risk, we help customers navigate an increasingly regulated world. Our independent services add significant value to our customers’ operations and ensure business sustainability.

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Enssolutions Ltd

Environmentally Preferred applications of Emusified Pine Pitch — branded ENTAC in Canada and T.O.P. in USA — are used by global-standard mining operators for dust suppression on haul and service roads, and for maintence re tailings, stockpiles, ditches and erosion slopes.

Emulsion shipped in concentrate form, via totes or bulk, for dilution with water at site. Full technical guidance re equipment and procedures. Detailed documentation re environmentally benign status.

PRIMER Tailings 2013

PRIMER Solar 2014

PRIMER Road Surface Stabilization 2013

Road Blending 2013


Pitch and Pitch Emulsions

PRIMER Stockpiles

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Cypher Environmental Ltd. – A Division of Aquarian Industries

Cypher Environmental engineers premium dust control, soil stabilization and water remediation solutions to serve a growing global economy that needs to adapt to ever increasing environmental standards. As an industry pioneer, Cypher sets itself apart because they possess a drive to constantly innovate their products and deliver greater performance. The performance not only of the products themselves, but ultimately the performance of the companies that choose these eco friendly solutions.


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