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TRE Altamira

With over 18 years’ experience, we are globally recognised as the leader in InSAR services now as part of the CLS Group. We provide displacement measurements and mapping solutions from satellite radar (Synthetic Aperture Radar – SAR) data that are used in a variety of market sectors. We provide InSAR for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), CSA (Canadian Space Agency), ESA (European Space Agency), JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), CNES (French Space Agency), DLR (German Centre for Aeronautics and Space) and the World Bank.

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Global Inspections NDT Inc

Girth Gear Asset Management and Engineering Services

Our Girth Gear Specialist Team includes an gear engineering specialist who conducts gear inspections based and on the inspection recommendations outlined in the annex of AGMA 6014-B15. Including a visual tooth condition assessment based on AGMA 1010-F14.

Our assessment will provide the customer with a complete non-destructive test of the integrity of the mill gear teeth using Eddy Current Array in accordance with ASTM E2905. It also includes an engineering assessment of the failure modes present, if any, their severity, and how these might impact the operational function of the mill. Our assessments include a conditional probability of failure analysis to aid in the decision of whether to replace, flip, or continue running a particular gear set.

If mechanical misalignment is detected during the inspection, the magnitude and direction of the required adjustment will be determined. The adjustment can be overseen onsite however additional time may be required.

Girth Gear Cleaning Program is in compliance with ASTM E2905 and AGMA 919-1-A14. Global uses Cleansolv HF EP for excellent results. Safely cleaning a 40’ diameter SAG mill gear under production takes approximately 1 hour. Excellent for removing contamination and lubrication buildup in the root of gear teeth and allows for a complete visual inspection as per AGMA 1010-F14.

The total time to clean and inspect a 12m gear set is under 8 hours.

As seen in:

“Methods of examining large ring gear teeth to detect surface breaking discontinuities have often been time-consuming and limited in terms of data collected. Methods such as visual and magnetic particle inspection can miss critical discontinuities. However, a new ASTM international standard provides a more effective method for gear examination using eddy current array, a technology that has been widely used but, until now, not standardized.”
Read our article in Gear Technology Magazine

Gear Engineering Services
  • Pre-gear flip inspection and qualification plans.
  • Damage Assessment and Mitigation: If critical tooth damage is identified, established risk mitigation strategies can be implemented onsite during the inspection.
  • Gearing Procurement: We offer design, rating and procurement support for gears and pinions.
  • Installation Oversight: Oversight of installation crews including assembly, alignment, backlash/root clearance, and running contact checks.
  • Third Party Quality Assessment Audits; Full FMEA Audits.
  • Mapping mill shell thickness using our Rapid Scan technology.
  • Asset Management: Utilizing our inspection program with a RCM based maintenance analysis we can assist sites with optimizing their inspection practices, intervals, sparing strategies, in combination with insurance spend.
  • Lubrication Assessments.
  • Full advanced NDE Services. Advanced crack detection technology without removing coatings.
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Phoventus Inc

At Phoventus, our mission is to provide excellence as a global advisory and engineering services consultant to the distributed energy, electrification and hybrid power market. We offer value-added strategic management, engineering, and environmental consulting and advisory services to renewable power clients of every type, including developers and end-users. Our key areas of technical expertise are Solar PV and Wind Power, Electrical Energy Storage and Microgrids, while our main markets are Canada, the US, the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and Asia.

We provide comprehensive services through all stages of a project’s lifecycle, starting with early stage environmental, technical and financial feasibility assessments through to developer risk management and safeguarding the interests of power producers/operators and long-term ownership stakeholders. In everything we do, our goal is to minimize risk for our clients, maximize project efficiency and profitability, and guarantee their long-term success.

The Phoventus management team has advised on more than 500 renewable energy projects globally, a large percentage of them being Solar PV specifically. From large to small, these projects include rooftop Solar PV initiatives, ground-mounted Solar PV array installations, Solar PV integration as part of hybrid power solutions, and Concentrated Solar PV.

With more than 50 years’ combined experience, Phoventus staff have successfully provided independent engineering and consultancy services for Solar PV projects across the globe. Work commissioned includes site reviews and resource assessments, engineering reviews, due diligence on project participants, major agreements reviews, energy yield assessments, permitting reviews, financial and technical due diligence, construction monitoring, O&M strategy analaysis, and more.

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Magemi Mining Inc.

Magemi Mining Inc. is a boutique minetech company that offers mine optimization solutions, financial reporting and consulting services to customers in the mining industry. We deliver cost effective and flexible solutions by working with an established network of highly experienced partners available on demand and by utilizing a proprietary software for stockpile blending, smelter terms optimization, GHG emission management and revenue maximization.

Magemi Mine Optimizer © is a powerful tool that designs and estimates mine projects scheduling, optimizes processes, GHG emissions and revenue, and generates financial reports. It employs machine learning and predictive data analytics algorithms to optimize operations daily material handling and plant feed which results in better project financials, efficient daily production, and reduced GHG emissions.

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Experts in Air Management with 33 years of dust control, monitoring and general environmental engineering serving the mining industry to 75 countries. Contact us for dust control at primary crusher, transfer, to port to smelter.


Air Management Brochure

Tempest Models

Dust in the Workplace

Please refer to our brochure attached and web for more information.

We also have an important new product being used at many mines around the world for reducing silica exposure. This Cleaning Booth removes dust from workers clothes in under 20 seconds… in partnership with our sister company

Our over 30 years experience in the mining industry focused on all aspects of air management provides decision makers with options to address dust related maintenance issues as well as health and safety concerns and regulations. Minimizing fugitive dust emissions directly leads to increased profit, lower maintenance costs and reduced exposure to harmful dust.

We look forward to working with you to develop a priority list in attacking dust through multiple technical solutions. Send me an email and we can offer advice on how to reduce your dust.


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Cypher Environmental Ltd. – A Division of Aquarian Industries

Cypher Environmental engineers premium dust control, soil stabilization and water remediation solutions to serve a growing global economy that needs to adapt to ever increasing environmental standards. As an industry pioneer, Cypher sets itself apart because they possess a drive to constantly innovate their products and deliver greater performance. The performance not only of the products themselves, but ultimately the performance of the companies that choose these eco friendly solutions.


View Our Brochure