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Safety Step Canada

Safety Step Canada provides anti slip solutions in the mining, oil & Gas as well as the Aviation, and Government sectors, virtually any where there is a slip and fall or slippery when wet concern…we have an answer, through our various products and expertise of knowledge.

– Our Mission –

To make as many safe places to work as we can.

At Safety Step Canada we all come to work every day because we want to help solve a very big problem – Slips and Falls. This problem, which has always been around, had no clear solutions until recently. With the invention of better, more affordable anti-slip products, the solution is now within everyone’s reach.



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Dynamic Air Shelters

Dynamic Shelters Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures inflatable, protective shelters. For over 10 years, we have been custom designing protective structures for industrial clients operating in the most challenging environments, with continuous innovation being the key to our success.

Our structures are designed to have the durability of a permanent building, but with a flexibility and ease of handling that provides portability, low operating costs and minimal maintenance. Our quick-deploy, blast-resistant, inflatable structures are utilized around the world in a number of industrial applications: Drilling & Excavation Sites, On-site offices (including electrical, lighting, HVAC, insulation and air filtration systems), Remote Operations Sites, Construction sites, Fabrication buildings, Welding buildings, Warming/cooling huts, Restrooms/washrooms and Warehouses

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Ryerson is a single-source supplier of metal products and processing, offering more than 70,000 products in stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel and alloy steel. From simple shapes to complex, ready-for-assembly parts, our stainless plate and alloy bar and tube products remain amongst the most widely used materials in the world. And with our service center in Los Angeles, CA, we’re your local partner for the parts you need.

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RM Products Ltd

RM Products Ltd. fiberglass buildings are used for many different applications such as wastewater treatment equipment covers, chemical storage, wellhead shelters, ready to move buildings, RBC covers, injection well covers, storage buildings, equipment enclosures, chemical containment, guardhouses, construction offices, screen covers, pumping stations, secondary treatment systems, army barracks, communications buildings and many more.

In addition to our RM portable structures, we now manufacture, dock boxes, pump covers and cabinets.

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Silhouette Steel Ltd

Silhouette Steel Ltd. is a high quality, custom manufacturing facility strategically located in the suburb of Langley, British Columbia, Canada, based a short distance outside of the City of Vancouver.

Silhouette Steel Ltd. specializes in the design and fabrication of custom enclosures marketed worldwide, our primary focus is in the industry of Mining, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Utilities, Marine & Port, Material Handling and Forestry.

At Silhouette Steel Ltd., we design and manufacture our industrial enclosures to the exacting specifications of our valued customers. Our qualified team will work closely with you to offer creative solutions to your specific needs and requirements.

Our facility is Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Certified and we have recently obtained our ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

Quality is key at Silhouette Steel Ltd., as is our commitment to you, the customer.

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Tri-Metal Fabricators

Tri-Metal Fabricators manufactures custom metal products to exacting specifications and the highest standards. Founded on the principle of delivering innovative solutions backed by outstanding customer service, we have a proven track record for delivery guaranteed quality, design excellence, fast turnaround and unmatched support to an international client list.

We bring to your project, regardless of size or scope, the extensive capabilities of a full service, experienced company. Tri-Metal’s professional custom design and engineering services are matched with fabrication expertise to deliver successful solutions to unique challenges within the most demanding timelines.

From metal fabrication to industrial axial fans, marine HVAC systems to military mobile containers, our uncompromising attention to detail, professional experience, and state-of-the-art equipment results in superior service every time.

Diamond Mine Chute

Diamond Mine Chute 2

Blower Fan

Rooftop Fans