Market Intelligence

  • We bring the mining supply and services industry together to a community platform to integrate sustainable supply chain value
  • We provide mine operator intelligence to improve your global strategic expansion focus
  • We provide geopolitical, and business intelligence in a partnership to establish your presence in new mining regions.
  • We bring together mine operators and the supply and services sector towards an intelligent and sustainable value chain
  • We work with all stakeholders to understand and solve today’s mining supply chain challenges through innovation and collaboration
  • We advocate disruptive change through novel technology development and social practices

Compliance to Standards Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

  • Facilities assessments to offer you the best position to engage mine operators
  • Risk analysis analytics offers your international program the latest intelligence to succeed in your growth strategies
  • Consulting in geopolitical and market assessments to prioritize your marketing strategies
  • International partnering in manufacturing, sales support, investing and other services

Sustainable Product Development

  • We work with buyers and sellers and incubation labs towards technology solutions with a complete suite of technology and services solutions from start-up to systems integration, sales and marketing
  • We utilize the latest development concepts like mining living labs and life cycle planning to integrate sustainable practice into your solutions
  • We develop your sustainable product incubation program from concept to commercialization through consultation and development
  • We work with a systems engineering philosophy to integrate your solution to existing mine infrastructure and practice
  • With our partners we infusion Artificial Intelligence into your solutions to make sure you are evolution proof

Start-up financing

  • We link you with the global financing you need to advance your manufacturing and marketing strategies
  • We build your international business case with you and your team with our global presence and experience

United Nations Affiliations

  • We advocate the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Goals (SDG) 2030 Initiative to transform our world to a better place
  • We are a member of the United Nations’ Global Compact Ten Principles to first do business responsibly and then pursue opportunities to solve societal challenges through business and collaboration