Aquasun International

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What is Aquasun International?

Aqua Sun International is committed to providing the most innovative Self Contained, Portable and Stationary Solar Powered & 12 Volt Water Purification Systems on the market today. Our systems are designed to bring cleaner and safer drinking water to remote areas of the World where Water Purification and Electrical Power is impractical or unattainable with water purification production from 3.7 liters / 1 gallon per Minute to 55.500 liters / 15.000 gallons per Day. Millions of people living away from major cities live without clean, safe drinking water. This is due to the lack of electrical power to operate the water pumping and water purification equipment and is a major problem in Developing Third World Nations and Remote Areas of the World. Every minute in every day all over the World, men, women and children are getting sick or dying from drinking contaminated or polluted water. When Natural Disasters strike, the normal supply of drinking water can become quickly contaminated or shut down all together. By using the Aqua Sun Water Purification Systems, most any contaminated or polluted water sources can be converted to cleaner and safer drinking water for Disaster Relief. Drinking water is also a major concern for Tourist and Organizations that Travel around the World. These groups need to be assured that the water that they are drinking, whether it be transported by them, or consumed from the existing water supply be as safe and as clean as possible. Aqua Sun has addressed this problem with a wide range of Personal, Traveling Portable Water Purification Systems for the Travel Industry. These Portable Systems are designed for the Traveler who travels into areas where electrical power is unattainable or impractical. Aqua Sun International is committed to providing cleaner and safer drinking water to almost any situation anywhere in the World. Our solar experience since 1973 and being the Innovators of our Solar Powered Water Purification Systems for Remote Applications make the difference. We are located in Minden, NV You can call us at 775-783-8566 Fax: 775-201-0043 Toll Free 877-744-1744 Email

Aquasun International


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