RIGID ROBOTICS is a mining technology firm offering precision positioning, advanced safety, and automation solutions. We use our domain expertise to understand the challenges facing our customers’ operations today as well as their future visions.

Operating from Vancouver, we work within a network of partners and advisors from across the mining, automotive, and high technology sectors. Together, we provide operations with the latest technology and the best of both human and artificial intelligence. Ultimately, we enable our customers to increase safety and productivity while lowering costs.

DriveAssist™ – Operator Assistance Platform
A platform for off-road vehicles capable of providing collision avoidance, truck spotting and a variety of other solutions individually or in combination.

Easily connect every asset to your mine network. Built for large vehicles and harsh conditions

Precision Positioning
Affordable tracking-grade positioning or state-of-the-art survey-grade

Operator Assistance
Improve safety while cutting costs with collision avoidance and assisted truck spotting

Future-proof today’s projects to align with your vision for an autonomous future

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Nick Larson
Business Development Manager

116 - 618 E Kent Ave S Vancouver, BC, Canada V5X 0B1