April 9, 2019

TORONTO, ON. — Canadian Mining Sustainability™ announces that it has acquired the assets and interests of Canadian Mining Suppliers a non-profit mining supply portal.

Canadian Mining Suppliers consults with the global mining supply and services base with engagement programs including; trade shows, road missions, marketing training, web presence development and maintenance, and global supply chain sustainability.

Roy Jakola advises;

“Supply chain is a critical component to mining process and is challenged by social media and the eco investor towards social performance. Improved buyer/ seller communication and conformance to standards can create behavioural and culture change through diversity and community. As a global platform for these new engagements everyone is a winner including society. The mining industry will create efficiencies and shared values with communities to mitigate corporate risk.”

Contact [email protected] to request further information.

About Canadian Mining Sustainability™

Canadian Mining Sustainability™ is a subsidiary of Global Mining Sustainability™ a non-profit digital communications platform integrating all mining stakeholders into a life cycle mining industry sustainability solution. CMSu follows the UN Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals 2030 while utilizing innovation and collaboration strategies as a vehicle towards positive societal change.


Source: Canadian Mining Sustainability™