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ATO Automation Inc

Whether you are trying to implement assembly automation into your existing manufacturing plant or you are an integrator/machine builder seeking to build special equipment for a customer, ATO Automation can provide assistance and consultative services to meet your goals. ATO Automation offers the latest technological advances in order to achieve the utmost efficiency and productivity possible. We have our online shop to buy industrial automation equipment/electronics/components. Our online products include VFD, Soft Starter, Servo Motor, Stepper motor, Brushless DC Motor, Isolation Transformer, Power Inverter, Switching Power Supply, Automatic Transfer Switch, Air Compressor, Solenoid Valve, Flow Meter, Phase Converter, Contactor, Voltage Stabilizer, Digital Counter, Digital Panel Meter, Load Cell, Displacement Sensor, Photoelectric Sensor, Signal Isolator, Current Sensor, etc.

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L.B.S. Lubrication Units Inc.

We are a Canadian incorporated company, with operations based in Ottawa, in the province of Ontario. Generation 2 Filtration™ and Generation 2™ products are manufactured for the global market by L.B.S. Lubrication Units Inc. We have been in the oil bypass filtration business since 1995.

Low Pressure Oil Bypass Filtration Series Brochure

High Pressure Oil Bypass Filtration Series Brochure

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One Environmental Inc

One Environmental Inc is one of the leading waste management company aims to decrease the impact of hazardous industrial and oilfield waste on the environment. We provide waste treatment, wastewater treatment, labpack services, containerized waste collection, vacuum truck services, hydrovac excavation services, industrial cleaning, used oil recycling, solids management, oilfield equipment cleaning services in industrial, residential, automotive, commercial, transportation, educational, manufacturing, chemical and government sectors in Alberta, Canada.

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AirFlow Catalyst Systems, Inc.

AirFlow Catalyst Systems offers diesel emissions control systems including CDPF and DOC systems. Our EZ Series filters operate at low temperatures, removing DPM, CO, HC. Our MinNo series of DOCs and DPFs is industry-leading in reducing NO2 up to 50% versus engine out, as well as achieving 93% filter efficiency for soot and over 85% for CO. The MinNoDOC is unique among DOCs on the market in reducing CO AND NO2. All solutions are available for a wide range of applications with customer canning options available for retrofits as well as OEM installations.

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Massload Technologies Inc.

Massload Technologies specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality strain gauge transducers for the truck, crane, mining, oil and gas and industrial markets.

All Massload custom designed Load Cells are designed using the latest technology in 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis, and manufactured through our specialized VCAP Quality Management System. Our advanced load cell testing facility has a capacity up to 150,000 lbs, traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) USA.

Our in-house engineering team and product specialists are available to custom design your load cell to your unique requirements. With Massload’s dedicated after-sales customer support and service team, you can be confident that your weighing system will continue to perform year after year.

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OEM Dynamics Pty Ltd

Fluid Power Industry

In the Fluid Power industry OEM Dynamics is regarded as being among the most competent innovators in the interfacing of hydraulic pumps to diesel engines for mobile and stationary equipment. Fluid power items include hydraulic motor gear drives, multiple hydraulic pump drives, flexible couplings, universal joint connections and splined accessories. Other Mechanical Power Transmission products including bevel drive gearboxes, worm drives, parallel shaft drives and mechanical and air clutches.

Dynacool Division

The Dynacool division of OEM Dynamics specialises in the supply of air cooled and water cooled heat exchangers for cooling oil in most applications including Fluid Power, Mechanical Gear and Transmission Drives, Air Compressors, Scoop Couplings, Engine Oil and Process Oil Cooling.
The Dynacool division is recognised as being the largest supplier of heat exchangers for oil cooling applications in Australia.

Other products from Dynacool include the unique Carousel oil filter for on-line element replacement, special valves and controls for oil cooling applications and rotary gear oil pumps for lubrication systems.

Manufacturing, Warehousing, Administration and our Sales Facility are at Head Office located in Ballina NSW. We have several Sydney based representatives and a representative in both Brisabne and Perth to assist enquirers. We have stock in a warehouse in Perth to assist our WA customer. OEM Dynamics have quality assurance to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000, approved by Lloyds Register.