Canadian Mining Suppliers™ along with Export Quebec brought twelve Canadian companies on a 2-week mining mission to visit Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines to meet business partners and mining buyers.

The programs were developed by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in each country and demonstrated the invaluable skills available to companies interested in expanding their marketing and sales network. Canadian companies are typically early on the ground on remote areas of the world with engineering, geophysical and drilling expertise.  The group engaged with industry experts at each stop followed by visits to head offices and B2B meetings with eager industry partners. Participants were overwhelmingly positive about the opportunities and results of the mission program and execution.

Critical to the success of the program was the opportunity each participant had to offer an individual focused marketing message to each buyer throughout the program.

Canadian Mining Suppliers™ offers a well-deserved congratulations to the Trade Commissioner Service and partnership with Export Quebec in producing a world class program.

This year’s participants:


We went on a 2-week road mission to visit Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines to meet business partners and mining buyers

Ulaanbaatar Mongolia November 14-15

The mission kicked off was in UB where one of the world’s major mining projects is just beginning as Oyu Tolgoi begins to spend $US 4.6B over the next five years to develop their underground copper/gold property. Critical to the engagement of Canadian companies was to be selected as a vendor to Oyu Tolgoi, a process which each Canadian supplier achieved successfully before arriving in Mongolia.


Participants spent the afternoon with Oyu Tolgoi executives at their headquarters

Participants spent the afternoon with Oyu Tolgoi executives at their headquarters

On the first morning industry experts gave a briefing of the industry including the Mongolia Mining Ministry, Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia, Regulatory aspects of doing business in Mongolia, The Mongolian National Mining Association and the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce.

The Canadian mission participants spent the afternoon with Oyu Tolgoi executives at their headquarters to understand the scope of this major project, organizational structure, and how to do business with the company.

An evening reception hosted by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service introduced Canadian participants to a host of Mongolian companies eager to solidify business relationships.

The second day offered an opportunity for Canadian participating companies to listen to companies who had been awarded scopes of work on the Oyu Tolgoi project and who were looking for solution providers to execute these scopes of work. Canadian companies presented their differentiating value by power point presentation to this group of buyers including; Jacobs the EPCM, Theiss, who is driving two of the major UG ramps, Redpath who is sinking two major shafts. In addition presentations were given by Mongolian Alt Corporation, Khishig Arvin, Centerra and Erden Resources.

The afternoon was spent with Canadian participants holding private meetings with prospective business partners and mining buyers.

Mongolia Panel Presentations

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Hanoi Vietnam November 17-18

The Vietnam mining industry offers both unique opportunities and challenges for suppliers. With the assistance of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service the Canadian supplier visit was recognized at a high level of industry stakeholder, and meetings were arranged with senior decision makers at Vinacomin and also the two major buyer organizations, one state owned and the other privately held.

On the first morning Asia Mineral Resources, who have an operating property in Vietnam gave a comprehensive overview of the mining industry. This was followed by a review of Vietnam’s mineral resources by the General Department of Geology and Minerals. Baker Hughes gave an overview of the legal and regulatory aspects on the mining sector. Finally, VBF Mining Group gave a comprehensive overview of the mining sector including historical performance and trends for the future.

The afternoon was spent with senior representatives of Vinacomin who explained their operations and plans with more than 30 coal mining properties in their control. This crown corporation expressed a warm welcome to Canadian companies who can offer novel safety, productivity and environmental solutions to their properties.

The second day offered visits to the two major mining procurement organizations, Au Viet Industrial and Coalimex.  At each stop Canadian participants gave individual power point presentations to senior representatives with partnering or buying authority.

Vietnam Panel Presentations

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Jakarta Indonesia November 21-22

Indonesia represents the greatest potential for mining in SE Asia. The country has developed and continues to run world class mining properties over the past 40 years. Canadian engineering, construction and service companies have been entrenched in Indonesia during this complete period.

The program in Jakarta started with four visits to head offices of major mining companies PT Antam, the state owned company, Redpath, the major contractor for Freeport Grasberg’s UG project, PT Vale Indonesia and also PT Freeport Indonesia. It quickly is obvious that Indonesia has a very substantial and mature experience in both open pit and underground mining.

In the evening the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service hosted a well-attended reception for mining company representatives, industry partners and many other stakeholders.

The second day began with a comprehensive overview of the Indonesian mining industry including the Indonesia Mining Association, the Indonesian Coal Mining Association, the Indonesian Smelter and Mineral Processing Association, Legal Considerations by Mr. Bill Sullivan of Christian Teo Purwono and finally an overview of how to successfully enter the Indonesian mining supply market by Mr. Steve Hughes of Kalimantan Gold Corporation.

The afternoon included a comprehensive B2B program introducing a long program of Indonesian business partners discussing potential relationships with Canadian mining suppliers.

Indonesia Panel Presentations

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Manila Philippines November 24-25

The Philippines has a long history of underground mining and also an equally long history of engagement with Canadian engineering, contracting, supply and service companies. The Philippines offers convenience and confidence of engagement as the country speaks English, is a strong democracy and interest in new environmental and safety solutions. The new government is focusing on improving environmental stewardship, an area of strong Canadian expertise.

The first morning was spent understanding the mining industry including the first presentation by the Department of Environment of Natural Resources explaining new policies by the new Government. This was followed by a presentation on on-going and upcoming exploration projects by the Philippine Mining and Exploration Association. Next, the Chamber of Mines gave a presentation of on-going and up-coming mining projects. Finally, PETI Trading Corporation gave a presentation on Best Practices in Tapping Market Potential in the Philippine Mining Industry.

The first day afternoon program included visits to two major mining corporations, TVI Resources and Philex Mining, where Canadian participants gave power point presentations to senior representatives. Philex was celebrating their 60th anniversary as a mining company during our visit. Canadian participants each gave power point presentations explaining their differentiating value as a solutions partner.

The second day began with a visit to Lepanto who have operated for 70 years in the Philippines. Next, the group visited OceanaGold for an update on their mining activities. The afternoon was spent as guests at the Philippine Mining Society luncheon.

Philippines Panel Presentations

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This two week program to Asia concluded as an overwhelming success introducing twelve Canadian mining supply and service providers to four major mining countries in Asia to understand how to do business, find business partners and integrate with buyer purchasing programs. The program could not have succeeded without the outstanding assistance and performance of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.


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