3 Inbound Marketing Techniques used by Mining Suppliers


Firstly, what is inbound marketing?

Attracting prospects and customers to your website and blog through relevant and helpful content.

With inbound marketing, you don’t need to fight for your potential customers’ attention like at a trade show. By creating content designed to address the problems and needs of your ideal customers, you attract qualified prospects and build trust and credibility for your business.

Learn how The Bucket Shop, RIGID ROBOTICS, and Anvil International create relevant and helpful content to attract prospects to their websites:

1. The Bucket Shop

Using a Drone Video to Showcase Their New 65,000 Square Foot Facility

The Bucket Shop is a Timmins, Ontario based bucket repair and manufacturing facility that produces their own brand line of cast lip and heel assemblies. The Bucket Shop business was created in 1994 and in 2017 they moved into a new 65,000 square foot research and manufacturing facility.

To show off the latest in tooling and technology they use, The Bucket Shop employed a drone to tour the inside of their shop, including a 10×100 foot CNC cutting table.

See the drone tour below:

How Can I Use a Drone for My Business?

Google for ‘local drone services’ in your area. Make sure to read their reviews, and compare their rates. Drone service companies are fairly young, so approach them with skepticism in order to find the honest ones.


Writing a Case Study for their Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Demo

RIGID ROBOTICS INC. develops precision positioning, asset coordination, and automation technologys to make mining operations safer and more efficient.

We work collaboratively with our customers to solve the productivity, safety, and cost challenges they are facing today while also aligning with their visions for tomorrow. RIGID ROBOTICS INC.

What better way to showcase their technology, and customer-centric development strategy than with a case study. RIGID ROBOTICS showcased the range and flexibility of their high-precision positioning technology’s vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication in poor conditions.

RIGID ROBOTICS tests the vehicle-to-vehicle communication capabilities of their products in the Malcom Knapp Research Forest in BC, Canada (Image source: RIGID ROBOTICS INC.)

The case study is easy to read, starts with the results, followed by the problem, and the solution (their product) – it also has great photos. Our only criticism would be to make the metrics more noticiable to users at-a-glance – similar to our case study demo.

You can read the full case study by RIGID ROBOTICS INC. here, and try to emulate the structure for your own solutions:

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Demo

Want to create your own case studies?

Ask Canadian Mining Suppliers! We have experience creating easy to read, and compelling case studies for mining suppliers like you.

3. Anvil International

Instructional Videos on YouTube

Anvil provides pipe connection and support products for the mining, mechanical, plumbing, industrial, oil & gas, alternative energy, and fire protection industries for more than 165 years. Products include pipe couplings, weld fittings, press fittings, pipe hangers and supports, seismic bracing products, and many more.

To give customers a better understanding about their products, Anvil International has created 35+ short viewer-friendly YouTube videos demonstrating how to use, and install their products.

These videos have accumulated 230,000+ views for Anvil International, about 10,000 views a month of free exposure to their products.

Their most popular video has 90,000+ views and provides a link back to their website, Facebook, and Twitter, and LinkedIn providing an excellent source of search engine optimization (SEO) and boosting their rank on Google compared to competitors.

Want to create your own YouTube product videos?

Contact your local media company about their video production rates. An excellent source for high-quality media companies & agencies is Clutch.co. Make sure to narrow the search down by budget or location.

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